Eruslu Hygienic Products which carries its factory to the level of world standards with modern investments by following the latest technological developments in the world is one of the leading companies in its sector with its high production capacity.

Eruslu Hygienic Products always keeps the customer satisfaction at the highest level and offers them the highest quality products above world standards. Our products are produced with the latest technology in the production facilities established in Gaziantep, exported to more than 100 countries worldwide, meet the consumer with widespread domestic sales structuring.

Eruslu Hygienic Products determines its long-term objective as creating strong and permanent brands and puts its production philosophy on “a strong sense of responsibility”. All productions are carried out in Eruslu Hygienic Products facilities, which include advanced technology, latest system machine park and high standards laboratory.

Eruslu Hygienic Products takes every step in the market with great sensitivity in order to give full benefit to the users of the products offered to the market.

Professionals of the sector are present at every stage during the production at Eruslu Hygienic Products. Eruslu Hygienic Products R&D department keeps track of the developments in the world day by day and works to bring together the products that will be used with the healthy, hygienic, high quality and trustworthy products that will provide the highest benefit with the customers.