Always Better

“Eruslu Hygienic Products, which works with the principle of “Always Better”, makes a difference in its sector with its innovative products that offer useful innovations beyond carrying the existing to the better.

Sleepy Natural

Eruslu Hygienic Products has produced Sleepy Natural brand new sanitary pads for this expectation in Research & Development laboratories on the basis of the fact that consumers are moving towards products produced with natural content day by day.

Face of the brand of Sleepy, Ceyda Düvenci

The famous actress Ceyda Düvenci, who has been repeatedly selected as the Celebrity Mother of the Year on various platforms and is seen as a model mother by our people, takes part in all communication activities since the beginning of 2018 as the face of the brand of Sleepy

Support for Inflation Decrease

Eruslu Hygienic Products, which has completely domestic capital, offers the high-quality with the most reasonable price with the mission of “Domestic Production” in order to contribute to Turkey’s economy and to give the best answer to consumer expectations.